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Wheels Up and Coffee On

Natasha and Ian first met at Lake McDonald in Glacier National Park in 2015. Both of them worked the summer at Jammer Joe's Pizzeria right on the shores of Lake McDonald. The name "Ozero" is actually a Russian word for "lake" (an homage to Natasha's Family and Russian roots). Their love for each other and for Montana grew over the years, and the two finally landed in Bozeman in the Spring of 2017.

While Ian completed his masters degree at Montana State University, Natasha found work at Rockford Coffee in historic downtown Bozeman. She discovered her passion for coffee, and eventually became the primary coffee roaster for Rockford.

Fast-forward to 2020, the two decided to bring their vision for a groovy café on wheels to life. They purchased a used emergency relief vehicle from the Red Cross and fabricated it from the top down into what you see today. Combining their love for coffee and the outdoors, Ozero Coffee Ramblers now brings delicious, quality coffee outside to all sorts of events hosted in the Gallatin/Bozeman area.

Take a look at our schedule page to see if the Ozero Truck will be near you anytime soon. Whether you’ve got time to stick around and chat or just for a grab and go cup of joe, we've got you covered. Keep calm and Ramble On!

-Ian & Natasha

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